Monday, March 1, 2010

New Start but Forever Friends.

So university starts on Tuesday for me since I have Mondays off. To be honest I'm quite scared. Actually make that really scared. Usually I always have someone there for me. Someone to hold my hand through anything and everything. For all the times during high school, speeches, exam anxiety - I've always had my friends but now I don't. It's weird. I don't exactly know how to deal with it. I know their just as scared as I am. I know I will never ever make friends as good as they are. But going to uni literally on the other side of Sydney as them makes me miss them already.

I miss sitting with them at recess and lunch. I miss bitching about everything. I miss how we make fun of each other. I miss how we make sexual jokes. I miss that we only had English together. I miss how we had to pair up to go anywhere. I miss how I hated when they had Modern History before lunch or recess cos I'd get left alone forever. I miss having my menstrual cycle in sync with Tegan. I miss Shiva singing the 'Special Two' to me in Maths. I miss giggling with Rawaan at Shiva. I miss that we always knew what each other we're thinking. I miss how we know who each other hate. I miss how we'd give each other looks and start laughing.

I miss them already.

But I want to wish them good luck in uni and in life. I know we'll always remain friends. It's that kind of friendship that doesn't just get forgotten.

They're the most amazing bunch of people I have ever met. So caring, so kind, so thoughtful - everything they've done for me and for everyone has been from their heart.

Tegan, you have done so much! From listening to my blabbing through emails to seeing my face at least 3 times a week. You have been there each and every time I've needed you. Even when you're done and out.. you still manage to have time.. for me even when you don't have time for yourself. Both emotionally and physically you have been there. You're so strong, stronger than I could ever be.

Shiva coming all the way to the city at 7:30am to go to a job interview with me cos if I went without him I'd probably freak out and not even go. He sat there waiting for me for 1 and a half hours just so when I came out I'd have someone there. Although, we make fun of each other on a daily basis I know you're there for me emotionally as well with our never ending phone conversations and almost crying on you at one stage.

Rawaan, I love you for realising how freaked out I was and drove all the way to Olympic Park just so I could give in some UAC form, for always driving me home after the library, for studying with me in the library before it became the 'cool' place to hang out. I love that you can put a smile on anyones face and that you always know when something is wrong. You amaze me with your skills of turning anything we talk about sexual lol.

You all don't understand how grateful and appreciative I am to have had you guys as my friends. For everything you guys have done for me, even just the little things like borrowing a pen. I'm grateful. There aren't even words to describe really how thankful I really am. I don't know how I managed to stumble upon amazing friends like you guys. I guess I'm just really lucky to have. I'm not sure how I would've survived high school or life without you.

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