Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best friends forever

This post was meant to be posted 2 weeks ago. Finally met up with my best friends from Shelley P.S. I miss those girls so much! I love how each of us all went to different high schools yet we still managed to keep in touch.. some how - thanks to Facebook haha and how when we did all meet up it wasn't awkward and no one changed to drastically - personality wise. Sadly, Namrata is going to uni somewhere in near the Victoria border and we're all going to pretty much different universities, with Simarjot working full time and studying part time. Hopefully, when Namrata comes back up we'll all have time to hang out again. It was good :)

My 12th Birthday Party :)
Simarjot, Sachi & Namrata - We're missing Shara lols.

Yes, I looked like a freak. I still do now. I haven't seen my forehead for so long... This photo is so good for laughs haha.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wishlist #2 - Andy :)

Te quiero Andy :)

So I finally found my Spanish boy! :D He's name is Andres Thomas Caldera. Doesn't that just melt your heart right there! He is so adorable! He has the cutest accent and pretty much melted my heart... again! When he was speaking Spanish.

But to all good things there is a down side....there always is. He lives in Venezuela :(
He is so amazing, I don't know how he doesn't have girls throwing themselves on him :P

Anyway, this was a post to share how jealous I am that I wasn't born in a Spanish speaking country so I could get Spanish boys :( I swear Sydney has none or they are all hiding from me ><

All the Spanish speaking boys need to move to Australia, or I need to move there haha.

P.S. Cecilia is meant to be my 'Spanish' name haha.