Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week 1

One week of uni and I've never felt so exhausted in my life.

I told myself I would blog about everyday but seriously, I've never felt so drained in my life. It's weird because I would wake up at 6-7am to get to school which was like 10 minutes away and my mum used to drive me. I'd finish at 3:05pm and get home before 3:30pm, get picked up around 4:15-4:30pm to go gym, come home around 7-8pm, still have time to go online and do homework and repeat. Even then, I wasn't that tired.

Uni is like 3 hours max, train home, and I don't even have enough energy to go to the gym. I hate that it drains me so much. All I ever want to do is sleep.

Day 1 was pretty overwhelming. I only had my Introduction to Crime and Criminal Justice unit that day. It started at 1pm, but Mina picked Chrystal and I up cos they all wanted to get free fairy floss and whatever else they had for free lol. So we got there around 11. We all just kinda hung out. Well I thought I'd get to my Crime tutorial early because I didn't know where it was or what to expect cos no one else had theirs yet and I was pretty scared. It was like a normal class size with just mixed years. I assumed everyone was in their first year + mature aged, but that wasn't the case. I made one friend, haha. She was doing Forensic Science at the Hawksbury campus so I only see her once a week. The lecture for Crime is crazy. It was filled to capacity. It was pretty interesting, it reminded me of the beginning of Year 12 Legal Studies.

Wednesday, I started at 9am. It killed me waking up at 5am and I pretty much have to do that every Wednesday. I was so tired listening to the lecture but it was pretty interesting. Our lecture is really small. Only 100 people. We barely fill up half of the lecture theatre lol. I had my first break. One hour. It killed me haha. No one else was there. I had lunch outside with some random man eating noodles haha. I had my tutorial in some building. It took me so long to find the building. It was hidden haha. I made a few friends in this tutorial. It's basically about Human Rights which reminded me about Year 12 Legal Studies again lol.

Thursday was the day I was dreading. 3 hour break ugh. It started off with a tutorial for Organisations, Communities and Communications. Our tutorial class is huge. There's 50 people in it. We spent the hour making friends. I don't really have any though.. haha. They were more 'I'm going to talk to you because I have too' I hate it though cos one of our major assignments is a group work one. I don't even know anyone and I hate relying on people and I hate people relying on me. It's really hard. I'm not really looking forward to it. So far it's my most hated unit. I wish I could drop it but sadly it's one of my core Social Science units.

Friday, I was hoping it wouldn't be like yesterday's unit because this is my other core unit. We didn't have a tutorial only a lecture at 3pm. It took so much effort to get out of bed lol. It was interesting. It was basically all Sociology based, I probably should have done Society and Culture at school. I realised Hiba was in my class haha. She's doing UniTrack or something and only does 2 units part time or something like that. So I guess the friend thing is expanding lol. It was pretty good, I liked it. The lecturer was really cool as well.

After uni, met up with Shiva, Sarah and Rawaan to watching Alice in Wonderland 3D. Pretty sure Shiva's mum bought me a ticket when she shouldn't have. The movie was pretty good, not as good as the Disney version. The 3D effects wasn't as good as Avatar 3D. I didn't really pay attention to the 3D effects... and I didn't really get the storyline either. Although, I loved the Red Queen, Madhatter and Cheshire Cat were my favourite characters. It wouldn't be one of my favourite movies but it was pretty good. Besides that it wa really good seeing them all. I miss them kids so much. It''s weird not being in school and seeing them everyday. I miss Tegan too :(

I wouldn't really rate it high but it was good to see :)


  1. ugh honestly, if it weren't for the work and having to survive on little sleep, I'd love uni.
    But seriously, I'm literally yawning every 10 or so minutes. >.<

  2. same >< i don't get why i'm so tired though. the hours aren't as much as high school yet this drains my life even more lols