Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zara Grand Opening in Sydney!

Source: SMH

It wasn't so grand, in my opinion...

But I'll talk about my day first.
I finished my Social Science essay at like 3am when I realised the UNSW library website wasn't working and I couldn't find references. I seriously wanted to cry! So, then I decided I would sleep and wake up at 6am to finish it. I woke up at 6am to finish my reference list and to look for 2 more references, printed off my assignment and tried to go back to sleep at like 7:45am. That failed and I showered and got ready at 9am. So I went to my Psychology tutorial and we got our first assignment back. I got 18/22, which is relatively shit cos I got 0/3 for one of the questions cos I didn't refer to a scientist or something. So annoyed at myself! ==" Then I met up with Marcus cos he had an experiment at 3:30 and I was going for a debriefing. After uni I had to go to the State Library of NSW to meet Moseley and pick up books I had reserved there. I love the Mitchell Library! It's so pretty :) We spent like 2 hours photocopying stuff haha and then made our way to the Zara grand opening! Wearing wedges wasn't the smartest move. My feet were killing me!

According to the people and news reports the lines for Zara were insane! It was said to be worse than the boxing day sales! Which is definitely saying something! Moseley and I got there around 6pm and there was a line! But it moved relatively quickly. When we got inside it was MADNESS! People were acting as if it was a sale or something. I was like WTF IS GOING ON?! For a grand opening, the way people were acting and the way the clothing was arranged cheapened the clothing, in my opinion. I wasn't even able to look at anything because people were going crazy lol. I had my eye on a dress (see 2 posts below) but I couldn't find it. I don't know if it's part of the Autumn range but I really want it! So, I'm hoping when it does come out it will be when the Zara craze dies down. The mens section was full of really attractive guys haha, the only good thing about that floor :P After about an hour in Zara, Moseley and I went to have dinner in the Sydney Room which I thought was really pretty. We didn't get home till about 9:30pm.

It was a good but really long day! I'm so tired right now and tomorrow I have to observe cases in the lower court. OH. MY. GOD. I'm probably going to fall asleep lol. I'm going to see if Zara dies out tomorrow, or it might be worse because it's late night shopping! haha. If any of you guys went to the Zara grand opening, let me know how you liked it or didn't, and share your buys! :)


  1. I went to Zara today! Didnt actually go in, the line was waaaaaaaaay too long!

    Monique xx

  2. there was a line today?! wow! i thought about going but i had to go to the district court to watch a trial so i just browsed through myer instead lol.

  3. omg. my friend told me that people actually brought suitcases to zara...and then most of the stock ran out in like 2 hours or something? with all the hype i thought that there was some grand opening sale LOL. i haven't been...yet! must must go haha. i must admit, i came across your blog via googling 'zara grand opening'. i know, im sad haha.

  4. oh wow. i didn't see anyone with suitcases but i did see the channel 10 news crew! LOL. yeah, before i left for uni i heard that a quarter of the stock was sold out in the first 2 hours! you should :) hopefully the amount of people there has decreased cos it was insane when i went haha. people were acting as if it was the boxing day sales! LOL. i have my eye on a dress but i'm not sure if it's stocked cos it might be under the spring collection :/

    haha, wow. i didn't think it would come up in google but that's sorta cool :P